Welcome.  My name is Steve.   Thanks for visiting My Favorite Flavours.  By day, I work in the financial services industry on Wall Street.  And I love what I do.  But, away from work, I seek to do things that completely take me away from the pressures and stresses of my job.   I cook.  I’m also a private pilot, so I fly.  Outside of the office, I have never been particularly good at multi-tasking, so I appreciate the singular focus I get from working in the kitchen or working with the controls of an aircraft.  I know it sounds strange, but that focus really allows me to relax – not thinking about what’s happening back in New York.

I grew up with good, flavorful food.  My grandmother was an amazing cook who produced some of the best simple and authentic dishes I’ve ever tasted.  My mother is skilled and tends to tackle things that are more complex and exotic.  My father was the ultimate grill master.  I’d put one of my mother-in-law’s casseroles (yes, I like a good casserole) up against anyone’s.  My family and I have moved ten times in the last twenty-five years.  Having lived in Orange County, Houston, San Francisco, and Chicago – to name a few places  – I’ve had the opportunity to experience and appreciate so many regional foods.  While I don’t necessarily cling to one particular style, I must admit that I have an affinity for good, honest Southern cooking.  I suppose that’s homage to my Oklahoma roots. But I choose to prepare recipes from anywhere in the world.  One requisite – the food has to have lots of flavor.  Not every dish is five star.  Some threes have good potential.  I enjoy working with a recipe that has great foundation but a bit on the bland side.

I’ve been married to Anne for almost twenty-seven years.  She will say that she cooked for the first twenty-five and it’s perfectly fine that I should do it for the next twenty-five.  We have two children, a son who graduated from college in May, 2009 (and he has a job!) and a daughter who is in her senior year of college.  Two catheads and a big bear Bouvier dog round out the family.  We live in Summit, New Jersey, about twenty miles west of Manhattan.

Everything you see here is “tried and true.”   I’ve adapted some recipes, those handed down from family have remained intact because that’s the way I remember them and that’s the way I want to serve them.  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and I certainly welcome your feedback.

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