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Tomato Salad with Bacon, Blue Cheese, and Basil

The first of the heirlooms appeared last week at the local farmer’s market.  There were just a few varieties, but there is the promise of much more to come.  I like the combination of different colors and tastes and I generally come home with several pounds.  Their time is fleeting and we’ll have them for […]

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Sweet Ginger Soy Dressing

I’m always on the look out for a recipe that allows me to take advantage of what’s fresh and colorful at the farmer’s market.  Right now, the stalls are full of bright bell peppers of all colors.  The sugar snap peas are abundant as well.  So the produce played perfectly into this recipe. This is […]

Whirl Away Cookies

I have saved the best for last – Christmas cookies, that is.  This is as close to cookie perfection as you can get – my opinion – one that I hope you’ll share.  I don’t understand or know the origin of the name of this cookie.  So don’t ask.  In times of strength that have […]

Double Decker Fudge and A Cause For Celebration

Today our lives are different.  There’s a new excitement that will eventually settle in to be reality.  For now, it’s fresh and it marks another beginning, one of just many we’ve experienced over the years. Of course we knew it was coming- there’s no way something this special could remain secret in this family – […]

New York-Style Crumb Cake

This cake.  My entire family received D- in self control.  The only reason anyone was able to dodge the big F?  They were all in a crumb-induced catatonic state when I offered more.  They were unable to respond. I didn’t eat any of this.  Ok, that’s not a completely truthful statement.  I didn’t eat any […]

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